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About Us


We embarked on the journey towards Zero Carbon target


Arpack Packaging came together to find a solution to the global deforestation issue caused by wooden pallets. This problem was growing rapidly with millions of hectares of forests disappearing every year due to industrial activities worldwide.


The Arpack team organized numerous meetings and workshops to raise awareness of this issue and find an effective solution. Eventually, they proved that the widespread use of wooden pallets significantly contributes to forest loss. With this awareness, Arpack entrepreneurs and experts in the field came together to develop an environmentally friendly alternative to wooden pallets.


After extensive research and prototype testing, they introduced a durable and lightweight product made from recyclable materials, which they named KartonPalet®. These KartonPalet®s not only provided the functionality of wooden pallets but also contributed to preventing deforestation.


Thus, the KartonPalet® brand and its products emerged.

Awareness Building and Meetings: The Arpack team convened with its employees to address the global deforestation issue. During these meetings, awareness was raised about the causes and effects of deforestation, initiating a search for solutions.
Prototype Development and Testing: Arpack produced a series of prototypes for the solution they developed. These prototypes underwent rigorous testing for various factors such as durability, load capacity, and environmental impact. Each prototype was subjected to intensive testing to demonstrate its functionality and sustainability.
Research and Development: The Arpack team conducted intensive research on an environmentally friendly alternative to wooden pallets, which are a major contributor to deforestation. Experts and engineers worked tirelessly to develop a durable and practical solution using recyclable materials.
Product Launch and Adoption: Finally, Arpack introduced the solution they named KartonPalet® to the market. These environmentally friendly pallets were quickly embraced and adopted by businesses and logistics companies. Arpack's efforts contributed to the implementation of an effective solution to the deforestation problem and took a step towards a sustainable future.
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