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Karton Paletli Koli

​The cardboard pallet-integrated triple export box is a packaging solution used for transporting and exporting products. In this type of box, a rigid cardboard material called triplex is used, and it contains an integrated cardboard pallet.

Advantages include:

  1. Strong and durable: Triplex material ensures the protection of products and provides durability against the risk of breakage or damage.

  2. Lightweight and economical: The integrated design with a cardboard pallet reduces weight and lowers transportation costs. Additionally, it can be easily folded and takes up less storage space.

  3. Easy processing and assembly: These export boxes can be assembled quickly and easily. Cutting, bending, and gluing processes can be easily performed in the required areas.

  4. Pallet usage: The integrated cardboard pallet facilitates the transportation and storage of products. The pallet can be easily moved with equipment such as forklifts or pallet jacks.

Environmental benefits:

  1. Recyclability: Cardboard pallet-integrated triple export boxes are made from recyclable corrugated cardboard material. This contributes to waste reduction and the conservation of natural resources.

  2. Reduced waste generation: The recyclable nature of these boxes reduces the use of single-use or disposable packaging, thereby minimizing waste.

  3. Lower energy consumption: Triplex material can be produced with less energy compared to other packaging materials. This results in energy savings during the production process, reducing environmental impact.

  4. Sustainability: Cardboard pallet-integrated export boxes can be considered an environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging option. Factors such as the conservation of natural resources, energy efficiency, and waste reduction support their environmental benefits.


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