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Pallet Tracking System

Palet Takip Sistemi


Karton Palet's Pallet Tracking System (PTS), offered free of charge to all customers, allows you to take full control of your logistics processes.

At KartonPalet, we provide our valued customers with the unique Pallet Tracking System (PTS) at no cost, putting your logistics processes just a click away. Acting as a reliable partner for your business, PTS ensures that you can monitor every step of your pallets while guaranteeing the efficiency and uninterrupted flow of your operations. With PTS in the background, coordinating and monitoring every detail seamlessly, you can focus on your core business, knowing that everything is progressing smoothly. With its robust, user-friendly, and customizable features, PTS takes logistics management to the next level.

Become a part of the KartonPalet family and shape the future of your business with PTS.

KartonPalet, Pallet Tracking System
Redefining Traceability:
Providing comprehensive traceability at every point of your business, we redefine the logistics flow by ensuring that your pallets are visibly tracked at every step. Knowing instantly where your products are enhances efficiency and builds confidence.
Saves Time: The Pallet Tracking System automates manual tracking processes, minimizing time losses in your logistics processes. This allows you to move more quickly and efficiently, providing shorter delivery times to your customers.
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Improves Decision-Making:
By analyzing the data obtained through the Pallet Tracking System, you gain the opportunity to better understand and improve your business processes. We enable you to make data-driven decisions, contributing to the growth of your business, cost reduction, and increased competitive advantage.
Karton Palet, we are transforming your logistics management with the Pallet Tracking System, providing you with more control at every step of your business.

Advantages you will gain with the Pallet Tracking System (PTS) include:

  1. Continuous Monitoring: With PTS, you can track the location and stage of your pallets in real-time, significantly improving inventory management.

  2. Efficient Logistics Management: PTS makes your logistics processes more efficient, providing time and cost savings.

  3. Quick Reaction: In case of any disruption or issues, you can receive instant notifications, allowing for swift intervention.

  4. Accuracy and Reliability: Minimizing manual data entry errors while increasing accuracy with automatic data flow.

  5. Customizable Reports: PTS enables you to create reports tailored to your needs and conduct analyses.

  6. Product Traceability: Tracking the entire process of your products from production dates to expiration dates, ensuring quality and reliability.

  7. Data Analysis: Analyzing data obtained with PTS to better understand and improve your business processes.

  8. Customer Satisfaction: Improved communication with customers, accurate prediction of delivery times, and meeting their expectations.

  9. Collaboration and Coordination: Facilitates communication between different departments, enhancing collaboration and coordination.

  10. Competitive Advantage: Utilizing advanced technology to gain a competitive edge. PTS demonstrates that your business is modern and reliable.

The Pallet Tracking System offered by KartonPalet helps you manage every aspect of your business more robustly, faster, and smarter.

Some of the data from the Pallet Tracking System of Paper Pallet;
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