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KartonPalet, an environmentally conscious company embracing the principle of sustainability, exhibits a proactive approach to the environment. Shaping our production processes and products with a sustainability focus is a commitment to reducing environmental impacts and efficiently utilizing resources. While offering environmentally friendly alternatives to our customers, we also focus on increasing environmental awareness and engaging in collaborations for sustainability.


KartonPalet, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment and aim to contribute to building a sustainable future for generations to come.

Comparison of KartonPalet® Pallet in EUR Size with Wooden Pallet
Less Wood Per Pallet
Less CO₂ Emissions During Pallet Production
Less CO₂ Emissions Over the Pallet's Lifecycle

KartonPalet Pallets: A Sustainable Recycling Solution

Recycling KartonPalet pallets is remarkably straightforward.

After completing their service life, these pallets can be disposed of in cardboard collection bins, commonly found behind warehouses or retail stores. Subsequently, they follow an established path from these collection bins to recycling facilities. During this process, the pallets are assessed, classified, and processed. Moreover, used cardboard is considered a valuable and sellable material.

Now, consider the recycling process for wooden pallets. After their service life, a heavy wooden pallet is placed in an area exposed to rain and temperature fluctuations behind warehouses. Following this, it is necessary to separate and dismantle the wooden parts from iron nails. Special processing is then applied to turn it into wood chips. This process is intricate and time-consuming, often incurring charges from recycling companies.

In terms of recycling ease, choosing KartonPalet pallets offers a significant advantage. The cardboard composition simplifies the recycling process and reduces costs. Additionally, the valuable nature of cardboard ensures that recycled products gain economic value.

The recycling process for cardboard pallets stands out as a more efficient and sustainable option. It contributes to sustainability goals by minimizing environmental impacts and reducing the costs associated with the recycling process.

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